We’re not just another sit-up app,
we’re much, much more

14 Abs & Core Workouts
No equipment required, just you and a bit of room

6 Bodyweight Circuits
To melt fat and make you feel awesome. Aside from the occasional chair, no equipment required

6 Ultimate Workouts
A mix of Bodyweight & Dumbbell exercises to obliterate fat. Seriously, these workouts are the business

Four difficulty levels
From Beginner to Super Advanced – so there’s something for everyone

Fast and effective

Workouts take between 8 and 12 minutes
No excuse not to workout!

Guidance and

Get it right every time with our step by step photo sequences

Simple and

Select your workout and you’ll be guided through by our clear interface and audio instructions


  • OCEAN1C:

    Love this app and it's definitely a keeper. I use it everyday since the day I got it!

  • Bumbum218

    I've actually tried loads of the abs work out but nothing actually beats this one, after 2 days of doing it you can feel it working, love it

  • Lauren1993

    This app is great as it shows you the moves, sets you a workout routine and even times you! 10/10 highly recommended downloading this app!

  • TPattt

    Within a week I could see a difference! This is worth downloading

  • Ab Master Flash

    Really like it. Clear and easy to use with excellent workouts

  • LadyK99

    Lovely app. Easy to use with challenging workouts

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