About Absolute Abs

What in blazes is Absolute Abs?!

Well, it's the number one abs and core workout app for the iPhone. No others come remotely close the the sheer awesomeness of this app. And it's free!


Yep, you don't have to spend a penny (or a dime, or a pfennig). 18 exercises and 18 workouts all for the price of, err... air!

Are you Sure?

Absolutely! We'll also be launching a paid version. This will include 30 exercises; 40 workouts and 3 four week programmes. And the great thing is the paid version will be cheap as chips at just 59p/$1.

So why should I use this app?

Well, it provides an awesome workout for your abs and entire core region and requires no equipment. Just you, a bit of space, and ten minutes of your time.

And it's way more than a silly crunches or sit-ups programme (though there are a handful of sit-up variations in there).

So you'll be holding planks (not in a literal sense you understand. Holding a piece of timber would be a bit silly), performing impressions of Superman and climbing like Spiderman! If these means absolutely nothing to you, you'd better download the app! Trust me, it will all make perfect sense.

Sounds great, so will this app give me a ripped six-pack?

If that's your aim, it can help. But you'll also need to be eating right (very important) and doing the right sorts of exercise. This blog will be a good place to get directed to ideas and resources that will help you with this goal.

Finally, who are you?

My name is Stuart Walker. I'm a certified Personal Trainer who lives in London, England. The tech guys who developed the app are the chaps at Smile Machine (www.smilemachine.com).

This website runs on WordPress with design by my brother, and the tech stuff by Marcus ... and my brother!